Soorikian Furniture is a practice built on experimentation & refinement. 

Soorikian furniture is lead by architect Matt Soorikian. 


Our commitment to design innovation in the studio produces furniture that is at once meaningful & elegant.

The creation of a Soorikian Furniture piece is a result of three independent factors: utility, structure, and form.

Any three may dominate the conception of a particular piece, but the three must achieve a sense of harmony in the end.



All the elements of the Parthenon can be seen in its early prototype The Temple of Hera II at Paestum, Italy. It is thick and squat. All the ideas and ideals of a culture are there crammed into its chubby carcass. As the Greeks stood back and looked at the form they felt it was time for a makeover. Only the physical existence of a prototype at actual size and girth set against a beautiful blue sky could have inspired them to make the counterintuitive refinements that were ultimately incorporated into Parthenon. 

We are dedicated to operating an environmentally sustainable company.

From the operation of our physical plant to the design of our furniture we are committed to principles that respect our impact on the environment. We use regional Appalachian grown hardwoods from sustainable forests and minimize waste in the conception and execution of our designs. For most deliveries, we use blanket wrap service to minimize waste in packing materials. In our manufacturing plant, we recycle our dust for local horse farms, and recycle all shipping materials. We consciously keep our energy consumption to minimum levels.